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Whether you’ve had your deck for days or years, you once saw the opportunity to connect with the deep wisdom of the Universe, through the power of the Tarot, to become your version of your Highest Self.

We’re honored you chose to start that incredible journey with us, and as a sign of our commitment to our Master Tarot Deck community, we’ve created two incredible new additions as part of our Master Tarot Collection- the Ultimate Guide to Essential Tarot Spreads, and the Ultimate Guide to Understanding Love Tarot!

These Ultimate Guides were created after years of customer feedback, such as hearing that it was “hard to know where to get started with Tarot spreads” (Amanda, UK) or “easy to get overwhelmed finding just the right questions to ask” (Christine, United States). And we get it – working with a Tarot deck is like having the Universal Voice of Wisdom on speed dial; it’s right there waiting for you to ask, but if you don’t know how to ask the right questions, it can get overwhelming, FAST.

Luckily for our community, Astrology Answers works with a dozen skilled Tarot readers and authors, experts who have spent years (if not decades!) honing their craft in the art of Tarot spreads. So we thought to ourselves, “Why not harness this wealth of knowledge, and pass it along to our Astrology Answers family?”

So that’s exactly what we did.

We asked the best minds at our disposal to craft these guides, to create the “Ultimate” resource for all your Tarot spread needs… and they delivered!

Both of these Ultimate Guides have over sixty pages of Tarot knowledge and spread guidance, sourced from our own team of experts. Within the Ultimate Guide to Essential Tarot Spreads, you’ll find spreads for every skill level relating to career success, financial insights, relieving stress, making decisions and more.

And while we were making THAT guide, we realized that we just kept trying to put more and more love insight into it… so we made the Ultimate Guide to Understanding Love Tarot instead! Once we realized how much value we could offer by making this its own guide, it pretty much wrote itself- we took all the spreads on finding love, nurturing love, self love (you get the idea) AND THEN we added in all of the unique card meanings that only emerge in the context of a love reading, plus the best way to get into the right mindset for love spreads.

Once we had all that goodness to share, we knew who we wanted to have it first- our amazing Master Tarot Deck customers. We figured, if anybody was looking for this type of guidance, it would be the people who already knew how lifechanging and insightful our Master Tarot Deck could be.

So if you’re looking to level up your Tarot practice, or even just get more comfortable with focused Tarot spreads, we made this for you.

That’s why you’re here today. And this offer is JUST FOR YOU. These guides are not available anywhere else on our site- they are strictly for Master Tarot Deck users. And that makes this offer almost priceless… almost.


These guides are normally $29.99 each, but today we’re offering BOTH for the low price of $19.95

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Are you ready to access the infinite wisdom of the Universe? Whether you are an expert or just starting out, our best-selling Master Tarot Deck along with our 60+ Page Digital Tarot Guides is the perfect combination for taking your Tarot reading skills to another level. Take advantage of this Limited Time Offer and get both for $19.95!

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Remember, the Ultimate Guide to Essential Tarot Spreads and Ultimate Guide to Understanding Love Tarot normally retail for $29.99 individually. But today, you’ll receive these incredible guides for only $19.95

Are you ready to access the infinite wisdom of the Universe? Whether you are an expert or just starting out, these Ultimate Tarot Spread Guides are perfect for taking your Tarot reading skills to another level. Take advantage of this Limited Time Offer and get both for $19.95!

The Ultimate Guide to Essential Tarot Spreads

This Comprehensive Guide to Essential Tarot Spreads includes:

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Love Tarot


This In-Depth Guide to Understanding Love Tarot Includes:

✨ An introduction on how to use Tarot for love and relationships
✨ Unique, love specific meanings for the Major and Minor Arcana
✨ Readings for Soul Connections, Soul Mates, Distant Love…
✨ And a spread for the mightiest love of all, Self Love!

If you’re looking for a sign that your love life (or lack thereof!) is about to change, look no further! The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Love Tarot was made to bring clarity and confidence to any matters of the heart. This 67 page guide (featuring illustrations from our best selling Master Tarot Deck) is the only guide to Love Tarot you’ll need!

I understand these guides are digital and I will not receive physical books

Over 50,000 happy customers own our Master Tarot Deck

Since its launch in 2017, our Master Tarot Deck quickly became one of Astrology Answers best selling tools, with tens of thousands of purchases and rave reviews!

So we had to ask ourselves… “how can we make this phenomenal product EVEN BETTER???”

And while there is a finite amount of things you can do to improve a Tarot deck, the ways to help our community get more value, more meaning, more guidance from their Master Tarot Decks were endless.

With that goal in mind, we created these Ultimate Tarot Spread Guides to help YOU, our Master Tarot Deck enthusiasts, find even more benefit in your powerful divination tool, and give you better insight and an even easier connection to the Universal power that flows through the Master Tarot Deck.

So if you’re ready to take your Tarot experience to the next level and unlock an even deeper understanding of this powerful, intuitive tool, then this offer was literally made for you… and today, it’s yours to claim NOW!

5 Easy Habits to Make Your
Tarot Practice More Effective

Whether you are a novice who has had your Master Tarot Deck for a few weeks, or are an advanced reader with years of experience, there are always ways to uplevel your practice and get better results, better readings, and better guidance. Tools like the Tarot are here to amplify the divine wisdom we already have access to- our intuition.

If you want to be able to connect to that powerful voice within effortlessly, there are simple steps you can take to enrich your practice and strengthen your ability to hear the Universe speak. Buying your Ultimate Tarot Spread Guides today is just the first step. Read on for more…

1. Make a Daily Practice

Yes, you read that right- daily! Not only will working with your Tarot deck every day help you bond with it energetically, which will lead to better readings, but your knowledge of each cards meaning will increase over time until you’re able to interpret their meanings flawlessly.

2. Cleanse Your Deck Regularly

Just like your car needs an oil change, your Tarot deck needs to be reconnected to powerful cosmic energy every once in a while. Whatever method you use to cleanse your deck, whether it’s moonlight or smoke or salt, make sure you “tune up” that energy often for better results.

3. Be Openminded to the Cards You Pull

Listen, we’ve all been there- hoping for a positive sign, only to pull… Death?! But don’t shuffle and draw again! The Tarot connects us to our deepest intuition, the Universal wisdom that lives within us all; even if the Mind is not ready for the truth, the Spirit knows. As you work with the Tarot, try to remain open to all information and interpretations the cards offer you.

4. Journal and Reflect on Your Readings

It would be easy to just pull a card out of your deck and call it a day… but will that really help change your life? In addition to letting the cards speak to you during readings, it can be very beneficial to record the results of your readings and meditate on the knowledge you gained. Over time, this can help you find emerging patterns and common themes in your life.

5. Challenge Yourself!

As the old saying goes, “the edge of comfort is where growth begins“. Like anything else in life, it’s easy to fall into a rut with your Tarot practice, but the more you challenge yourself (for example, by trying new spreads out of these Guides!), the more value you will get from it. Tarot is a lifelong journey, and challenging yourself will only make you a better, stronger reader!

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Uh oh, your time has run out! BUT! We've extended this offer for you today.

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I understand these guides are digital and I will not receive physical books


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