WARNING: Your Root Chakra Appears To Be Closed

Your Root Chakra is Closed

Your Sacral Chakra is weak


Your heart Chakra is Open

Your throat Chakra is Weak


Your crown Chakra is Open

Your Capacity to Receive & Manifest Abundance Could be at Risk ...

The results of your quiz reveal some good news and some bad news …

The good news is, some of your chakras appear to be open and working to the best of their ability. This is excellent!

The bad news, however, is that, based on your quiz responses, your Root Chakra appears to blocked …

Now normally, when you first begin working with your spiritual energies, some chakras are open, some are weak, and some are blocked. But when your Root Chakra is blocked, there’s reason for serious concern …

The Risk of Over-Working Your Chakra System

The Risk of Over-Working Your Chakra System

See, your Root Chakra is the foundation upon which your entire chakra system is based. And when it’s blocked? … All the other chakras must work “over time” just to achieve some level of balance!

This is because as a physical being, your Root Chakra connects you to the material world

It’s what translates your desires into form, so you can manifest abundance – in all areas of your life.

To put it plainly [fname], if your Root Chakra is blocked, things like money, career, success, physical energy – even financial stability! – will remain eternally out of reach!

It’s your Root Chakra that can make the difference between being in a state of “lack” – versus tapping into unlimited abundance, which is why this is so important for you right now …

Fail to Heed this Message, and It Could Mean:

And this is all because your Root Chakra serves to “ground” you in the physical world … it’s the very power you NEED in order to manifest any physical results and benefits at all!

The Essential POWER Needed to Manifest the Life You Most Desire

Now there’s really no need to worry, [fname], because you are in the precisely correct place to solve this problem!

See, you’re really not alone. In fact, it’s an all-too-common trap people just like you can fall into – even when some of their chakras are working.

That’s why it’s so important you stay with me here right now — because I know you sincerely want what’s best for your soul…

I’m going to show you exactly how simple it is to avoid the risks of a blocked Root Chakra, so that you can truly access all the possibilities that await you in the future…

The 7-Chakra Pendulum…

The 7-Chakra Pendulum…

This stunning 7-Chakra Pendulum is an exceptional healing tool. It has been naturally tuned and charged to “sync” with all 7 of your chakras … including the all-important ROOT CHAKRA.

And I’m about to show you how to get one of your own.

So, stay with me… I’m going to reveal everything you must know!

As you read through every word here carefully, you’ll gain more and more clarity about exactly why this is the answer you may well have been searching for …

Attune Your Energies to Quickly Unblock Your ROOT CHAKRA

The beauty of this Pendulum lies beyond the high-quality materials and elegant design …

The real beauty contained in the 7-Chakra Pendulum is entirely invisible! It’s the POWER you gain when you use it to Attune and Unblock your Chakras!

By attuning yourself to the frequencies contained in this handcrafted, gemstone pendulum, you are able to …

Harness the Power of Gemstones

Because each of the gemstones contained in this magnificent pendulum are made from the finest grade of agate, their attunement to your chakras means you can gain the ability to expand your own manifestation powers …

And this, dear friend, increases your ability to attract all that you desire into your life!

In fact, when you wear this power pendulum around your neck, you are able to harness its energy in ways you may not yet imagine!

So if you’ve been searching for a solution to an urgent personal issue … feel frustration with your limited ability to manifest abundance … or feel bombarded by negative energies you just can’t seem to get rid of …

Then this chakra pendulum is your answer…

And because it is a pendulum, you can also use it to connect with your Spirit Guides and even perform masterful dowsing exercises too!

You Don’t Have To Just Take My Word For It…

This is absolutely amazing! I just wanted the pendulum for protection, but it's actually made me feel better too! I have so much more energy now!

Eva Bridges
Boulder, CO

OMG! I love my pendulum! I can actually feel the energy coming from it. I wear it ALL THE TIME!

Jay Thompson
Los Angeles, CA

I've been searching for a tool just like this... so glad I found this when I did. I've been struggling with some personal issues and this has really helped me clear away some negative energy that I had trouble letting go of. I've also noticed that I have more energy, so that's a big plus!

Kate Dorsey
Chicago, IL

This is really a great product! I'm a bit of a skeptic, but I've been very impressed with this. Definitely gaining clarity every time I use it and I can tell a big difference in my energy levels. My wife has even noticed the difference and told me to order one for her too!

Danny Lemley
London, England

Perfect News for a Blocked ROOT Chakra …

Since I know first-hand how powerful the 7-Chakra Pendulum is, I want to be sure you have every opportunity to benefit from it, so you can fully Unblock your Root Chakra and unlock your true manifestation powers!

In fact, I want you to have this exclusive Pendulum with you at all times!

So as a way of ensuring you have what you need to remove any negative energies that are, right now, standing between you and your true power to manifest all that you desire, I’m going to give you the opportunity to claim one of your own – at a fraction of the usual investment…

For a very small window of time, I can make the 7-Chakra Pendulum available to you for FREE, just pay shipping and handling.

That’s right, [fname], when you make your request now, you can get your very own Chakra Pendulum for only $9.95!

And that’s not all …

Bonus Tool = Almost Effortless Transformation

PLUS, when you act quickly, you’ll also receive a gorgeous velvet storage bag to protect your new pendulum, absolutely FREE!

Combined, this bundle of support can assist you in effortlessly transforming your life from where you are right now, to where you were always meant to be!

All This – Just Waiting for You …

Claim Your 7-Chakra Pendulum, and velvet carrying bag now … all for just $9.95

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