Warning: This Could Profoundly Change Your Life, Dear...

Please proceed ONLY if you are truly ready to discover what the stars reveal about your destiny AND are prepared to use this guidance to navigate your life in a way that brings you the love, success, career and life fulfillment you both desire and deserve.

Knowledge is Power

They say knowledge is power. And while nobody with wisdom will claim they “predicted” the global events that shook us to the core this past year and the havoc that it caused around the world…

Those of us who can accurately read the stars knew that there were significant world events on the horizon for 2020. Only a select few knew they would be connected to a global event, as well as having to do with job losses, stress, and health woes for millions.

Were you one of the lucky few who felt prepared, Dear?

Did you have some extra savings set aside? Were you already taking steps to bolster your immunity, or get your relationships in order? Did you know when your career moves were best timed?

Imagine if you knew in January 2020 what you did just three or four months later!

And now that this massive global event is finally on the way to being over…

What now? Is there another pandemic or worldwide upheaval coming? And… can your birth chart actually warn you about how to handle these things?

The Answers Are In Your Stars

and knowing your personal forecast is a powerful weapon against life's challenges.

When you understand your birth chart, the unknown becomes clear…

The clues to what is to come are laid out for you…

Knowing exactly which influences help shape your destiny and when helps you make the choices that will put your life on whatever path you desire…

Instead of blindly taking each day as it comes, surprised and taken off guard by life’s seemingly unpredictable events.

Over the next 12 months, what if you knew there would be an anticipated disturbance to your finances?

Or potential upset in your relationship that you need to navigate and act on?

Or a change in your living situation that affects your mental health-

Wouldn’t you probably save a little extra money, just in case Dear?

Maybe wait to book that vacation you’re tempted to splurge on now, for example?

You’d probably also be more conscious of how you’re interacting with your beloved, so that you’re as connected as possible, particularly around that time period of potential upset.

If you’re wondering if you should move jobs or houses- both of which are major life events and shake up your stability and feelings of security…

How amazing would it be to know that for you, February would be an ideal time to make such a move, whereas December would probably lead to avoidable stress, expense and even more insecurity?

That’s the beauty of being able to accurately map and read natal charts.

That’s the kind of personal insight, true only for YOU based on your birth time and place that you can count on in my Essential Year Forecast.

You can literally hold detailed specifics about your life in your hands.

You can make decisions and take action from a place of power, backed by guidance that is only for you.

Because no one else has the exact birth chart you do, so the information contained in your Essential Year Forecast is completely individualized.

Imagine having a detailed map to your next 12 months. -Guaranteed.


If you’re ready to receive the insights and answers that your stars reveal for you over the next twelve months, you need to click that button and add my Essential Year Forecast to your cart now.

I’ll explain a bit more about my ironclad, no-risk guarantee and what you can expect in just a moment…

If you’re ready to receive the insights and answers that your stars reveal for you over the next twelve months, you need to click that button and add my Essential Year Forecast to your cart now.

I’ll explain a bit more about my ironclad, no-risk guarantee and what you can expect in just a moment…

First I want to remind you of the warning I first gave you, at the start of this message.

Make sure you really want to know what’s in store for you in the year ahead…

Because once you have your unique, individual forecast, then the power to define your life’s direction is in your hands.

The choices you make using your Essential Year Forecast become conscious ones based on detailed guidance that very few people have, and which only applies to you.

That kind of accountability could be daunting, so make sure you’re ready.


How empowering to have so many in-depth insights into your everyday life and future!

"Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do.

I love that quote. Now, I’m not saying the Essential Year Forecast will make you a millionaire or billionaire…

But, maybe!

The truth of that quote is that astrology has the power to guide your life in powerful ways both in the short and long term.

J.P. Morgan is just one uber-successful, house-hold name that knew how much influence your connection to the cosmos has over your life.

He used the guidance of his own birth chart and the movement of the planets and stars to help navigate his life and create a remarkable legacy that now spans over 150 years and hundreds of billions of dollars!

How the Essential Year Forecast Can Guide Your Life

There’s a reason why BILLIONS of people around the world consult astrologers and forecasts. It’s an ancient science that many cultures still rely on.

My detailed Essential Year Forecast looks at precisely where the celestial bodies were positioned at the moment you were born…

Mapping out the influences of each planet as it relates to your current and future relationship with money, with your family, friends and lovers, with your aspirations, health, career and more.

And if you are familiar with my work, you know that there’s so much more to a proper natal chart than just looking at your zodiac sign.

The Essential Year Forecast is far more than a mere “horoscope”.

It is a deep dive into your unique life, as it’s mapped out astrologically according to the planetary movements at your birth… This isn’t a quick snippet in the newspaper, it’s actually dozens of pages long!

Simplifying the Lingo: Infinite Combinations and Life Paths

If you’re like most people Dear, you look at your natal chart and your eyes glaze over… “My who is in the what house now?!”

But it doesn’t have to be complicated!

And this is exactly why I do what I do…

I LOVE helping people understand the power of astrology to guide your life…

So you feel like you know what to do, instead of feeling lost and alone. Confused. Uncertain. Even frightened of what life might bring. What next big challenge is just around the corner.

It’s my #1 favorite thing to help people understand their birth charts and the secrets they reveal about now and the future…

And if I do say so myself, after decades of practice, I’m pretty darn good at it!

When creating your individual forecast, I use my decades of experience and studies as a professional astrologer to synthesize three primary astrological principles and activities that have a direct affect on your life:

  • Progressions, which reflect a personal, evolutionary or karmic pattern present at birth
  • Transits, which reflect collective trends that evoke specific behavior in the individual
  • Solar returns, which are horoscopes calculated for each birthday, showing what happens to the individual on the year in question.

This synthesis is complex. With 12 signs, 12 houses and 10 planets (with Sun and Moon) there are 1440 simple combinations. When the connection between planets are taken into consideration (known as ‘aspects’) and then transits and progressions, there are several hundred thousand combinations!

The Essential Year Forecast works to summarize and detail hundreds of these possible celestial combinations into simple language so that you can make practical decisions.

Because even though all of this information is “written in the stars”, Dear…

Nothing is written in stone.

You still get to exert your birthright of free will and your personal power of manifestation to bring the things you want into reality and become empowered to avoid or prepare for the things you don’t want.

Your forecast gives you insights into the different paths in front of you… and even some of the reasons you might be tempted or inclined to choose one over the other.

Awareness gives you options. Remember- Knowledge is POWER, Dear.

The knowledge you gain from your unique forecast serves to help you understand your personal motives, so that you can make the best choices for the right reasons.

This is how your forecast can thoroughly map out what you can expect in life, based on who you are as a person.

"Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself."

The Cheat Sheet to Life We All Need Right Now

Especially now.

Let me tell you something… there has been some profound movement in the heavens just in the last year.

Among the most significant events, we are now within the midst of the mythical Age of Aquarius.

These powerful energies are just getting started and the disruptions witnessed across the globe at every level of society are just the beginning. This is a bonafide tipping point for humanity.

This is a period in time like no other and it’s more important than ever to understand the complexities of the paths in front of you.

How will you connect with this new energy?

How will you unlock all the gifts it brings?

This is the time you need the Essential Year Forecast the most.

You need your personalized “cheat sheet” to the unique cosmic forces that influence your life, opportunities, challenges and paths forward!

Never feel lost or confused
about your life again.

The Essential Year Forecast is meticulously designed to map out the timing of events in the next 12 months, and prepare you for impending changes in your life.

It holds the detailed guidance you need to make decisions.

It reveals a clear pathway to the next 12 months of your life, and beyond…

The answers you need to successfully navigate life, love, career, money and more.

Yes, it CAN be that easy…

Yes, you CAN know the best path for you to take ahead of time…

Yes, you CAN find out the best timing for certain actions and decisions…

I have helped thousands of people just like you to understand their birth chart, and how to harness the guidance it contains.

With your forecast you will have the cosmic cues you need to navigate your life.

The best path to find your true happiness. Your success and wealth. The love you long for. The personal development you work so hard for… All without the hit and miss!

In fact, I have so much confidence in the answers and insights you receive in your Essential Year Forecast that I guarantee it.

A 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

That’s right. Even though the dozens of pages and hundreds of personalized details about your life path contained in this forecast are totally unique to you…

I’m giving you an ironclad, no-questions-asked guarantee.

If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your Essential Year Forecast, simply email my team at any time within the next 60 days following the date of your purchase and I’ll do everything I can to ensure your satisfaction.

With Your Essential Year Forecast You Get…

  • Over two dozen pages of personalized insights based on your own unique birth chart
  • Clear guidance on the many pathways open to you over the next year
  • Detailed analysis of your natal chart, giving you a cheat sheet in the form of clear guidance of the choices and chances before you
  • The “how to” of attracting the best of life… the romance, abundance, success, peace, security and fulfillment you want and deserve!
  • Understanding of your hidden talents, secret gifts and underlying motives for true fulfillment in your occupation and daily life
  • A deep sense of certainty that comes from empowered knowledge and which leads to even more inner peace and security
  • Clues to navigating all your important relationships for true, lasting connection and happiness
  • Become aligned and in tune with the planetary patterns and influences that surround you and harness their energies for the best possible outcomes!

When you invest in your Essential Year Forecast, nothing can stop you from creating the life that you truly desire!

But that’s not all…

I’m going to Give You Even MORE Value!

I’m so passionate about empowering you with as much insight and guidance from the Universe as possible that when you purchase the Essential Year Forecast I am also going to give you…

Not one…

Not two…

But SIX more eBooks to bring you up to speed on the proven processes used to help you through this period.

That’s a $280 value, completely FREE!

"Oh the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there... if you had but skill to read"

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but a one-on-one session with me costs at least $300 per hour… and that’s IF you could find an opening in my busy schedule.

Thanks to the Essential Year Forecast, you can get a full YEAR of targeted astrological guidance that’s completely customized to you and your unique natal chart for just pennies a day!

Here’s a reminder of what you get when you take advantage of this limited time pricing now:

Your personalized Essential Year Forecast to download, print or read on your devices any time you want.

BONUS 1: Understanding the Influences of the Zodiac

BONUS 2: The Art of Astrology

BONUS 3: Accessing Your Higher Self with Tarot Cards

BONUS 4: Numerology to Uncover the Secrets to Success

BONUS 5: Mastering the Ancient Art of Palmistry

BONUS 6: 101 Power Moves to Unleash Your Inner Power

PLUS, when you claim your Essential Year Forecast now, you’ll also receive access to our Members Only Area, our Daily Horoscopes, and more…

The Answers You Seek are in your Essential Year Forecast

Get immediate access to your personalized forecast, the 6 incredible bonuses, AND all the must-know guidance for the next 12 months, now!


I will personally bear ALL risk here. I’ve stood behind this ironclad guarantee for decades, and I’ll do the same for you. It’s that simple.

Get your guide. Study it inside and out. Use the customized advice and practical insights to your advantage and gain the edge you need to succeed in all areas of your life.

If you see no value in this customized guidance… or my insights do not bring you the love, opportunities and happiness you were looking for… just send my team an email within 60 days as part of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If my forecast doesn’t help you, you don’t pay for it.

I am so excited to hear how much your life has changed for the better once you’ve started moving from the place of power your Essential Year Forecast provides.

It all begins here!


P.S. This insider knowledge into your cosmic place in the world is so powerful, so accurate and so effective, be sure you are 100% ready to take charge and act on the many, many personal insights, tips and clues your forecast reveals about you and the next 12 months ahead of you…

If you’re not ready to live and move from a place of empowerment to create the life of your dreams, you are welcome to circle back at a later time to get all the answers you need for a life that is truly sublime. I can’t say that this pricing or the bonuses will still be available at that time, but I am always here for you!

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