Ready to Transcend Uncertainty and Start Living Each Day with Purpose, Passion & Joy?

Dear Worry, Doubt, and Fear, It's Time to Say Goodbye... For Good!

Create a Beautiful, New Future With the Go-To "Power Tool" of the World's Greatest Sages, Leaders and Healers

What if you could get instant answers to your biggest questions around romance, family, finances and health?

What if you could achieve your wildest dreams in a way that feels easy... and even fun?

What would become possible, if solutions to your biggest problems were at your fingertips... literally?

Let’s face it, things are not what they used to be.

It’s harder than ever to find clarity and confidence to make decisions that are aligned with who you truly are and how you want to show up in the world.

So, you end up procrastinating, holding back or just giving up on your goals.

And it’s not your fault.

All major aspects of life, like health, money, work, parenting, romance and relationships with family and friends, are changing at breakneck speed.

Jobs no longer feel secure. Family members, partners, neighbors and even best friends are deeply divided over differing beliefs and values and what they think is right and true.

And romance is more complicated than ever with most people feeling like they can’t trust anyone, anymore.

So most of us are left feeling like we’re gasping for air in a world that continues to spin out of control…

It feels like everything we once knew to be steady, constant and reliable is in an ongoing cycle of disruption and disarray.

The truth is, we’re living through some of the most uncertain, unpredictable… and yes, scary… times in history.

Daily life can feel like a minefield.

We have no idea what’s going to happen next and what’s going to trigger yet another blast of worry, confusion, anxiety and fear.

We’re in a constant state of nervous vigilance – on the lookout for the smallest sign of trouble.

But imagine if you could release all of that doubt and fear, the unease and uncertainty because you know you can turn to a reliable, easy-to-understand tool that has been trusted through the centuries…

It’s the “power tool” of some of the greatest sages, healers and leaders to ever walk the earth.

It contains the wisdom of the ages held within the mystical symbols and imagery of a very special deck of cards.

The Tarot is SO Much More Powerful Than Most People Realize

If you look back through the mists of time, you’ll find that…

Everyone from the Queens of Egypt, to the healers of Europe and the fortune tellers of Asia have worked with the magic of a deck of cards, known as the Tarot.

With the powerful, magical guidance of the Tarot these rulers, healers and mystics could easily:

Connect with Universal Consciousness

Foretell the Future

Win Battles and Disputes

Build Fortunes

Find True Love

And So Much More!

Fast forward to the modern era and you’ll find the Tarot is still in use and can be found in popular culture.

For instance, in the movies the Tarot is presented as a mystical tool in the fortune teller’s toolkit (along with a magic, crystal ball!) or it’s depicted as a fun pastime or party game.

But here’s the thing…

The Tarot is far more than a game or hobby.

It’s more than a divination tool to predict the future or even a way to connect with the Universe (although it can help you do all those things)

What a lot of people don’t realize is the Tarot is also a powerful, effective way to safely bypass overthinking, rumination, worry and doubt so you can tap into deep wells of creativity and inner wisdom.

In this way…

The ancient Tarot also serves as an incredibly effective personal development and empowerment tool.

Why The Tarot Works...
(Whether You Believe in It or Not!)

When you work with the Tarot, you’re connecting into something incredibly powerful that’s hard to define…

It’s an unknown, intangible energy, a difficult-to-describe “gut feeling” that’s often referred to as a “hunch” or an “instinct”.

It’s the part of you that knows without knowing how you know and when you work with the Tarot, you’re tapping into this energy.

Some call it Universal Consciousness, Divine Guidance, a Higher Power, the Higher Self, or simply intuition.

Whatever you call it, the Tarot allows you to quickly let the noise of the world fall away so you can tune into this power, and connect with your authentic self, and your deepest truth…

… and when you begin to do regular – or daily – readings, you’ll find yourself taking charge of your own life as you learn to follow your own North Star.

It’s why the Tarot is potentially one of the most effective personal empowerment tools of all time.

It lets you bridge your deepest intuitive and creative senses to your thinking mind so you can make decisions that are right for YOU…

And take aligned action that can quickly lead to your goals and dreams.

The Tarot can give you an "unfair advantage" and a mystical edge over everyone else as it allows you to reshape your life and recreate your future on YOUR terms

This is what makes the Tarot an ancient tool that is incredibly relevant and needed in the modern world… and it works whether you happen to believe in the magic of the Tarot or not!

Today, the power of the Tarot is recognized not just by esoteric masters and modern mystics but also artists, creatives, and those looking for a personal growth method that makes a lasting difference in their lives.

It’s why the need for easy-to-use Tarot card decks continues to rise…

Year after year, innumerable Tarot decks have been created to meet this need but nothing quite like the Master Tarot Deck.

50,000+ Tarot Devotees (and Newbies!) Are In Love With The Master Tarot Deck

The Master Tarot Deck was designed to inspire and delight both experienced Tarot lovers and total beginners.

It was created to honor the ancient art of tarot but in a way that appeals and resonates with the 21st century Tarot reader.

So far over 50,000 people have received their own Master Tarot Deck and fallen in love with its power, magic, and beauty… and it’s no surprise why!

Each card carries the signature symbolic imagery of traditional Tarot decks but with a dazzling, modern flourish.

Featuring gorgeous artwork that catches the eye and connects with the soul, the Master Tarot Deck includes 78 beautifully designed cards.

The deck includes the Major Arcana & Minor Arcana categorized into the 4 Suits – Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

With the Master Tarot Deck You Can...

Find answers to life’s biggest questions in all areas including love, romance, family, parenting, partnership, money, and on and on

Make powerful, aligned decisions so you can accelerate your manifesting success with the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws

Gradually let go of emotional pain for good so you can begin living the life you’ve always dreamed of

Gain insights to make ideal decisions in all your relationships including family, friends, coworkers, romantic partners and more

Block out external noise and other people’s opinions to connect to your Highest Self and find the path to your highest good

Overcome procrastination, indecision and rumination as you learn to trust and understand the timeless wisdom of the Tarot

Gain deep confidence and clarity into your heart’s true desires and the actions that you need to take to make those desires a reality

Connect into Universal Consciousness and Divine Guidance to access higher wisdom

Make choices that open the door to financial abundance in your business or career

Access genuine courage to overcome challenges and achieve any goal (even the ones that feel out of reach right now)

Find beautiful, gentle ways to open your heart and attract true love

Get guidance on how to unhook from negative habits and patterns holding you back from living your biggest, most beautiful life… and MUCH MORE!

Experience the Life-Changing Power, Magic and Beauty of the Master Tarot Deck for Just $19

With the Master Tarot Deck There's NO Question Too Big To Answer & No Problem Too Difficult to Solve

The first thing you’ll notice when you start working with the Master Tarot Deck is…

It virtually overflows with wisdom that consistently guides you toward your highest consciousness and deepest truth.

With regular practice, the Master Tarot Deck can give you game-changing insights to some of your most difficult decisions and problems.

It can even provide clues that point you to creative solutions you never would have thought of on your own!

When you work with the Master Tarot Deck, you might draw…

The Chariot Card which is a sign that you’re focused and on the right track. You can continue to move forward without fear

The Empress comes with great tidings that something amazing is about to start in your life. You have the energy of creativity and abundance on your side

The Lovers card encourages healthy, loving relationships with yourself and others. They also represent generosity, compassion and creative expression

The best part? No question is out of bounds. You can find aligned guidance to questions like:

What can I expect if I take this new job?

What’s holding me back from manifesting lasting abundance?

What can I do to attract my soulmate?

What can I do to achieve my ideal weight in a healthy way?

And that’s just the beginning!

While getting answers to your biggest questions is a powerful path to living your dream, there’s also a lot more that you can do with guidance and wisdom from the Master Tarot Deck…

Exploring the Magical, Mysterious Relationship Between Tarot & Astrology

Did you know tarot cards correspond with signs of the zodiac? Yes, it’s absolutely true! For instance…

The Moon corresponds with Pisces

Temperance corresponds with Sagittarius

The Star corresponds with Aquarius

The magical partnership between the Tarot is very exciting news especially for those who love astrology!

It means you can easily work with the Master Tarot Deck in conjunction with your personal astrology.

And you can use it to gain support, understanding and insights during challenging planetary transitions as you maximize the benefits of ideal planetary positions!

Take Charge of Your Life No Matter What Else is Going On Around You

The power of the Master Tarot Deck lies in its fluidity…

While the cards look the same every time you work with the deck, each reading is 100% uniquely based on:


Your questions

Your intentions

Your energy or vibration


This means you can rely on the Master Tarot Deck to give you the answers and guidance you need to live your deepest truth and in alignment with your highest consciousness in the moment.

The cards will continue to guide you in line with your purpose and your soul’s calling even in the midst of confusion and chaos and no matter what else is going on in your life and out in the world.

Experience the Life-Changing Power, Magic and Beauty of the Master Tarot Deck for Just $19

Love & Praise From Around the World

Truly grateful for my tarot deck. The tarot has helped me awaken to who I am and accept myself in so many ways. The tarot is more than just a deck of cards to me. The tarot has benefitted me on my journey so much. Thank you for my Master Tarot Deck!

Cards are beautiful, love the artwork and size of the deck.

I love the beauty of the cards, the details of the pictures and the size. I like the way they shuffle and the feel of them in my hands. Thank you so much! Sending divine peace, light and love to the Astrology Answers Team!

I felt connected to these cards as soon as I opened the box. I can't wait to learn about the cards

Reading my Tarot cards is a lot of fun, especially with the Master Tarot Guide. It is now the main topic of discussion when family and friends get together. I have learned so much just by practicing on everyone!

Love my first ever Tarot deck. Also really appreciate that it arrived before the scheduled date, the shipping was so fast. Which, is great because I wanted this deck to arrive as soon as I ordered it!

Beautiful set... Easily would have cost $50 to $90 in an esoteric store locally.

Fast shipping...and the cards are beautiful. I LOVE the slight texture of the cards, I can hold onto them better. I am very happy with my purchase!

I was so happy to receive my new tarot cards so promptly! I am just a beginner with tarot but believe this is something that speaks to my soul. Thank you for such a beautiful first deck of tarot cards!


Now You Can Get This Gorgeous, One-of-a-Kind 78-Card Master Tarot Deck For Just $19!

The Master Tarot Deck was carefully designed to let you find ease, flow and aligned guidance under any and all circumstances.

You’ll find that most Tarot decks of this quality and caliber retail for anywhere between $40 and a whopping $70 (not including shipping fees!).

However, the Master Tarot Deck was created to offer comfort, insight, guidance and wisdom especially in the midst of this chaotic and confusing time in our world.

In line with this mission and vision, the gorgeous, one-of-a-kind deck is now available for just $19 so it can reach the hands and hearts of as many people as possible.

This is a limited time offer so if you’re drawn to it, now is the best time to experience the magic, power and beauty of the Master Tarot Deck.

Our Promise
Get Your Master Tarot Deck 100% Risk-Free

There’s no doubt that from the moment you receive your Master Tarot Deck…

You will find ease, flow and aligned guidance to your biggest questions so you make ideal choices at every turn and create an extraordinary future.

But don’t take our word for it!

If for whatever reason you don’t enjoy your Master Tarot Deck, simply return it within 60 days from the date of your purchase and you’ll receive a full refund… no questions asked!

Every Moment in Your Life Represents a Choice and This Moment is No Different.

If you believe in signs, if you believe in energy and if you believe that we can be guided to our divine destiny…

Then you know you’re here, reading these words for a reason!

You’re feeling called to connect with the power of the Tarot to recreate your present and reshape your future…

And there is literally NO other Tarot deck on the planet like the Master Tarot Deck!

Whether you’re about to read the Tarot for the very first time or you’ve been working with the Tarot for decades…

This deck can give you the answers, alignment and intuitive insights and guidance you need to elevate your entire life on ALL levels – spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.

Every detail on each of the 78 cards – the symbols, imagery and colors including the weight and sensory feel of each card – was consciously designed to offer the clearest, most accurate, and reliable readings, every single time.

So you can’t go wrong no matter what!

Think of it this way…

You’re at a crossroad right now.

Are you going to take this opportunity to overcome uncertainty and move forward toward your goals and dreams or are you going to stay where you are?

It’s your choice and it’s totally up to you!

Love & Praise From Around the World

I was so excited to receive my first deck of beautiful cards. They gave me the answers to the questions I need to to know, even if they weren't the answers I wanted to hear - the truth isn't always easy! Thank you for this amazing deck.

I have not used my cards yet but they are so beautiful. I also felt such a good energy from the Master Tarot Deck.

I'm so happy to have my tarot deck. Thank you for offering them to me at such a low price. You guys are awesome!

I am just a beginner but I must say that the cards themselves are quite beautiful as you had stated in your promotion. My curiosity has been aroused and I'm so excited about diving in and learning all there is to learn about the cards and how to effectively use them. It's study time!

Good quality product... attractive cards... great price... prompt delivery. A total win!

This deck is really interesting, to learn about the application of the Tarot and how to follow up with myself daily!

I just love [the Master Tarot Deck]. This deck is amazing, I did a test run as soon as I got them. I love and recommend them, truly worth every penny... Thanks, Dawn and Astrology Answers. You totally rock!

I just love my new tarot deck. It has the perfect size for my hand size, the drawings and colors are beautiful and very meaningful, the card and cut are perfect to shuffle the deck. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you, Astrology Answers team!

Great product, one of my first tarot decks, I’ve purchased from your company in the past and this is my second purchase. I absolutely love this deck. Thanks, Astrology Answers for a great product!

Let's Recap
The Master Tarot Deck

Includes 78 beautifully designed cards of the Major Arcana & Minor Arcana categorized into the 4 suits – Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles

And you get all this for just $19

Experience the Life-Changing Power, Magic and Beauty of the Master Tarot Deck for Just $19