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NOTE: If you are an experienced Tarot Master who has spent years honing your skills, you can ignore this page. Please enjoy your new deck and its many blessings and benefits.

Otherwise, keep reading …

With the Master Tarot Guide you will get an in depth look at Tarot and how to utilize your new, Master Tarot Deck to its fullest potential.

This Guide is essential in being a true Master of Tarot. It lets you quickly become “that friend” who knows Tarot and can read the cards at any time.

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What I’m about to share will empower you to take your next steps with certainty …

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It’s no mistake you’re here for a reason Dear…

Some people are aware of an unusual attraction to their Tarot cards at first sight. A sort of “knowing” that you’re on the right track. Perhaps you even felt the deck calling to you.

Let me assure you, this is completely natural…

See, the cards choose the querent, or the one who asks the questions, that much has always been clear to those of us who have mastered the Tarot.

  • To find true, unconditional love?
  • To discover your life’s highest calling?
  • To activate greater self-love, confidence, or abundance?
  • Or perhaps you feel unsettled… and you want to know how to achieve a deeper sense of balance and inner-peace?

Well, here’s the good news …

The Tarot holds the power to reveal clear answers to all these questions – and more! Soon, your new Master Tarot deck will arrive, ready to steer you along the next steps in your journey…

So how can you be confident in those next steps? Once the excitement of receiving your new deck wears off, how will you interpret the Tarot and receive its full benefits?

How will you know with certainty whether you’re receiving messages from other realms correctly?

To answer these questions, our team of metaphysical experts – with over 150 Earthly years of com-bined experience leading others to clear answers for these very questions – has prepared a special re-source just for you.

This easy to understand, yet in-depth Guide demystifies the Tarot to give you clarity of mind and spirit as you uncover your past, present and future.

Best of all, it provides simple techniques you can use immediately – even if have no experience or intuitive gifts.

AND … when you make your request now, you will also receive FREE Focused Mind Tarot Audio Tracks. This audio will help you focus your energies and allow you to read the cards more effectively!

You see – in our experience — most people aren’t reading their cards in a way that works for their spir-it. There are literally encyclopedias full of information on Tarot, which leads novices to believe there’s a “right” and “wrong” way to do it.

Here is what you must know…

See, there are key rules to understand and apply. After all, the cards are deeply symbolic in nature.

However… a quick Google search or trip to the library would place at your fingertips all the information you’d ever need to understand Tarot. BUT … not all of that information applies to any one of the more than 80 different types of Tarot Decks out there … each with its own “dialect” of Tarot.

All of those searchable resources assume you have a basic knowledge of Tarot. They are great for ex-perienced Tarot readers who want to continue their study, but tend to be confusing and frustrating for the beginner.

Because of this, many people believe Tarot is too complex to learn, and they give up or never get started, which is the last thing we want to happen to you. We know how much you’ll benefit from the deck you just claimed; benefits that will guide you to receive your rightful share of abundance from the Universe.

That’s why we’ve created Tarot Reader: Become an Expert in 10 Days, a Master Tarot Guide specially prepared for your new deck. It’s the most effective way to get you started reading your cards effec-tively and correctly … immediately!

Activating Your Divine Connection

Right now, the Universe is sending you a powerful message Dear. And because you’re here with me, I know you’re ready to hear it. You don’t need highly developed psychic powers to receive clear messages from other realms.

We all have a Divine connection. For many people Tarot is their first channel to that powerful Guid-ance. In fact, some experts believe the ancients created the Tarot to train new psychic practitioners!

Tarot is the perfect tool for activating your personal connection to your Guides. It can reveal the true meaning of past and current events in your life. Most importantly, it lets you receive clear answers about what lies ahead.

A Warning:

I must warn you: once you experience the power of Tarot in your life, you may not want to stop. Per-haps it will become your daily ritual for focus and peace, as it is for many of our students around the world.

There’s great power in Tarot. But don’t worry. The sole purpose of these friendly and supportive cards is to serve YOUR highest good.

You have 3 choices here

The way I see it, you have three choices if you want to experience the many blessings and benefits of Tarot.

  1. You could hire a Tarot Master as your spiritual concierge. Admittedly, this would be your best option for deep, instant insights. However, this kind of one-on-one guidance comes at a hefty price.
  2. Alternatively, you could scour the internet and bring home every available esoteric book from your local library, and have all the knowledge you could ever hope to gain about the Tarot sitting like a small mountain on your desk or at your bedside.
  3. Claim your own Tarot Reader: Become an Expert in 10 Days for much faster results! Which is why – right now only – we’re offering you the opportunity to claim your specially prepared copy of this incredible Guide.

And remember: When you make your request now, you will also receive FREE Focused Mind Tarot Audio Tracks so you can easily focus your energies to read the cards even more effectively!

Tarot Reader: Become an Expert in 10 Days delivers only what you need to know to master basic personal readings in a step-by-step format that places you squarely on the path to clear answers about love, money, success, and more.

And, you will gain deep insights into your past and present, so you can align with future events that serve your highest purpose and deepest desires.

To our knowledge, there is no other resource that is as informative or easy to use so you can start effectively reading your Tarot cards from day one.

Which is why, you might expect to pay a princely sum for this information…

So what's the catch?

Dear, our desire is to be a blessing to you. And if you receive even one of the many riches of life you truly deserve, we’ll consider this Guide a terrific success.

The only catch is that you must act now, since this is one-time offer.

You risk nothing, because your Guide comes the protection of our 60-day satisfaction guarantee if you aren’t 100% satisfied for any reason. Simply let us know you are dissatisfied and we will return your money, no questions asked. (And you can keep both guidebook and audio.)

Ultimately, You have the final say, of course…

Order your own Tarot Reader Guidebook today, read it cover-to-cover, and take your time deciding over the next two months if your investment was worth it.

As a student of the Tarot, you will discover one of the most powerful secrets of the Universe: Which is that when you say “Yes” to the opportunities right in front of you, the things you desire most be-come an instant manifestation!

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I am excited to start learning more about mastering my Tarot skills with this Guide and FREE Focused Mind Audios! I look forward to taking full advantage of my brand new Astrology Answers Tarot Reader!

This Comprehensive Report includes:

I understand that I will get all of this for the one low price of $39.95 (A savings of more than $75!)

I get a tarot reading every day but having the tarot guide gives me so much more information....this is how my Higher Power gives me answers and helps guide me.

Between the Tarot Guide and my daily Horoscopes, I seem to be in better control as to how my day will go according to what I should or shouldn't do, or feel, or overcome.