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Did you know? Your zodiac sign is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your astrological profile. The deeper we dig, the better guidance we can provide!


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Our goal is to help you navigate (and make the most of!) your personal transit periods, so let's go over that real quick. Are you familiar with transit periods?

What are Transit Periods, anyway?

A Transit Period is a segment of time during your life when your personal astrological energies come together to produce massive potential for change.

So how do they work?

These energies, often called your astral energies, are the same energies in motion at the exact moment of your birth. They are always moving around and creating new influences for you, but this experience is heightened during a transit period.

Common signs of a Transit Period:

Don’t worry if you’re not sure – that’s why we’re here! Now let’s find out just how LUCKY you can be.

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You can always find a silver lining.

Pssst… You can actually change your luck (and it's easier than you think)! Let's talk about what that would look like.

If you could change one thing in your life, what would that be?

Do you feel good about the goals you set?


You’re already thinking about what your next chapter should look like, and that’s a good thing! Now, we’re going to talk about your spiritual side.

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Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

Do You believe in a higher calling?


You’re doing great, and we’re about halfway through! These questions help us understand why you’re here, so don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers… sometimes, not knowing is the perfect place to be!

Have you ever used any divination tools (i.e., astrology, tarot, numerology, etc.) for guidance or insight?


Just so you know… while “typical horoscopes” apply to 1 in every 12 people on the planet, Personal Transits apply to YOU and ONLY YOU (based on your unique Astrological Fingerprint that you were cosmically “stamped with” at birth).

Your answers to these questions will help us give you the guidance you need.

We’re almost done now… just a few more questions!

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You find soul-searching (shadow-work) enlightening, and try to practice it.


This is REALLY helpful, ! It sounds like you’re in touch with Who You Are, but there’s still room left for growth. Just a few more questions and we’re done!

Which aspect of your life is most challenging right now?


You’re all done! Please give us just a few minutes to calculate your responses and we’ll be able to tell you more about your personal transit periods.

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