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If there’s one truth in life, it’s this … we all have questions. The one major difference between those who genuinely find peace and happiness and those who live in a constant state of pain and anxiety is whether we get the answers to those questions. You’ve been brought here today because you’re ready to receive those answers – and luckily, this is your chance to get them.

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Once you claim your offer, simply follow this three-step process to access your one on one guidance and start your journey toward a better life today!

1 Select Your Advisor

With Astrology Answers, you’re always in control! Each Psychic Advisor has a unique combination of abilities, talents, and experiences, so you can easily find the right fit for you!

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You have three convenient ways to work with your Advisor: using traditional email, by phone, or through our secure online chat feature. So pick the method that works best for you and ask your questions anytime, anywhere!

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Finally, get answers to all your most important life questions! Questions about your life path, career, money, work, relationships, love interests, life decisions, and more!

Connect FREE for the first 3 minutes.

Why Astrology Answers Psychic Advisors?

Powerful Insight

My Advisors bring an incredible blend of skill and talent to the table, so you’re always getting the expert advice you need, to create the life you deserve!

Private & Secure

The relationship between you and your Advisor is sacred, meaning your readings are completely private (so you really CAN ask anything)!

Fast, Usable, Guidance!

Get advice you can use. Find out how to work with THIS energy and THAT influence. Learn the secrets to navigating the obstacles you’re facing RIGHT NOW!

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Over 10,000 5-Star Reviews!


“Evie is always humble and straight to the point. It’s very nice to have someone who cares and truly is listening. Evie is a blessing to me.”

 Cyndi H.

“Luna, you are amazing! I cannot believe how accurate your readings are! You blow me away!”

 Debbie S.


“Very thorough, informative, and helpful. Covers all my questions about the relationship and the interactions between the two of us.”

 Dale W.

This is your chance to take your life into your own hands, Dear

Get the answers you need. Receive the clarity you deserve. Learn how to start moving forward. Uncover the blocks that have been holding you back. And move toward living a life full of happiness and abundance.

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘YES!’, then it’s time to claim your offer and start receiving your guidance straight from the Source.

I promise it’ll be the best thing you do for yourself all year, Dear.

Connect FREE for the first 3 minutes.

This is your direct line to the Universe

My team has some of the most talented Psychic Advisors and Metaphysical Experts across the globe, all eager to tap into the Universe, translate its messages to you, and answer every question you may have, big or small.

Whether you’re seeking comfort, insight, closure, or just want to understand the possibilities that exist in your world… my talented team has got your back!

The answers are out there, Dear, all YOU have to do is ask!

Connect FREE for the first 3 minutes.

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So, that means you need to ACT FAST to take advantage of this incredible offer, so you too can have access to all the secrets of the Universe!

I guarantee you won't be dissapointed!

Finally, say goodbye to confusion, and stress.

You’ll no longer feel overwhelmed and burdened by the big decisions or unanswered questions life presents you with.

All you have to do is ask your Advisor which direction you should take, which choice you should make, or which options are best for you, and your Advisor will use their unique abilities to translate the Universe’s path for you. In no time at all, you’ll feel all your stress and confusion vanish.

You asked for a sign, THIS is it

Only the Universe holds the exact set of instructions that if followed, will open up your life to incredible opportunities, mountain-moving love, and prosperity you’ve only dreamed of. My Advisors are here to decipher those instructions for you.

If you don’t take advantage NOW, you may never get the chance again. You’ll never know the answers to your questions, and you’ll continue to sit in a state of confusion and disappointment… and that’s the last thing I want for you, Dear. This is your chance.

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