Hi, I’m Dawn Anne, Astrology Answers Master Astrologer, and I’m very excited for my team and I to get started on your Free Reading. Please see below and allow me to share the initial findings I was able to gather from the birth details you just provided!

, your  personality is going to give you a wonderful edge throughout 2022. Judging from the information you just gave me, you could be entering a very important time period as early as: . This will become useful for you to know in order to navigate everything that’s coming your way!

Important: In a few minutes, please hit “Reply” to the welcome email I’ll send you, to ensure I send your reading to the right place tomorrow.



, as a thank you for entrusting me with your reading, I’d like to welcome you with a FREE GIFT.

Just one quick question…

Are you really ready to receive the guidance you’re seeking? Are you sure? Keep reading and I’ll tell you why this might be a bigger concern than you think!

As mentioned my name is Dawn Anne and I’ve been a practicing intuitive astrologer for over 35 years. Rest assured, we’re going to dig into my experience more in your reading, but suffice it to say, I’ve been doing this for a long, long time.

Truth be told, I’ve worked with people from every background, every belief system and every corner of the planet, and if there’s one thing I’m sure of, it’s that we all – every last one of us! – has more baggage than we know!

And that can really jam things up when you’re trying to manifest something new into your life!

See, baggage is distracting…

You may not realize it. It may not even cross your plane of consciousness, but it’s lurking in the background, scattering your thoughts and sowing discord into all of those wonderful and affirming intentions you’re working with!

And here’s the thing about the law of attraction that no one wants to talk about – 

The Universe DOES NOT CARE what you attract. It doesn’t distinguish between good and bad. It only knows how to give you what you’ve asked for.

In other words, if your mind is preoccupied with doubt or fear or just chaotic noise, the Universe isn’t going to sort through that for you. It simply follows the energetic vibration you’re sending out.

So, let’s send out something better, shall we?

Your free reading will be hitting your inbox in just 24 hours

That’s 24 hours to clear out the mental noise and get ready to receive the incredible insight that is headed your way.

I know that doesn’t seem like enough time to do much of anything , but remember, you’ve got me! And I can help you get exactly where you need to be!

THESE are my exclusive Abundant Success Guided Audio Meditations, and they’re yours, for FREE!

I created this 5-part audio meditation series to do two, simple things – QUIET the mental chatter and get you ready to RECEIVE Divine guidance.

Of all the tools and resources at your disposal, meditation is the best (and easiest!) option to give you the kind of clarity and grounding you need , and THIS SERIES is no exception!

Inside, you’ll find five audio meditations, each designed to help you attune to the guidance you’ll be receiving in your free reading…

  • Healing to help you release any tension or stress you may be holding.
  • Higher Power to help strengthen your connection to the Universe and open the pathway for guidance and communication.
  • Potential to remind you of all the wonderful gifts and talents you possess, right now, at this moment in time.
  • Quiet the Mind to silence the chatter and ease the voice of Ego that keeps you full of fear and doubt.
  • And finally, Serenity, to help you stay centered, balanced and in a state of perfect bliss.

Together, these meditations allow you to move past many of the obstacles that have been holding you back. You are literally clearing the way for a new reality, , and that’s important…

Because the reading you receive tomorrow will be your first step on that exciting new journey!

And again – this wonderful resource is ready to download, my gift to you…

This $27 high-definition audio meditation program is yours FREE today, all I ask is that you cover the small $1 data fee of transferring them to you.

Once you’ve downloaded your audios, I strongly recommend you listen to all five meditations, sometime within the next 24 hours…

Allow each audio to do its job – help you heal and ground and prepare your mind – so that you’ll be ready when your reading arrives!

And if you don’t find that these meditations help you get laser-focused on what you want to manifest into your life, just let me know…

I’ll refund the small data fee – no questions asked.

Just one caveat, …

This is a ONE-TIME OFFER. Close this page, and the audios go away.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to use the healing power of meditation to your full advantage!

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