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  • Analyzing your data…The time and place of your birth will give us access to a detailed “map” of the astral energies in play at the moment you were born.
  • Reviewing Your Signs…Your astrological profile begins with three primary signs: your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising or “ascendant” sign. Each one of these signs tells us something different about you, your purpose and the gifts you brought into this life.
  • Astral Transits…We’re analyzing the planetary movements or “transits” in your natal chart. This will provide a deeper understanding of your strongest traits and tendencies.
  • Planetary Aspects…Planets interact with each other as they revolve around the sun. These interactions create different influences and energies that can deeply affect your natal chart.
  • Exploring Your Houses…Your natal chart includes twelve astrological houses, each governing a different aspect of your life and each bringing specific energies into your reading. Knowing which planetary energies were occupying your Houses provides a more expansive understanding of your astrological profile.
  • Checking Your Nodes…We all come into this world with a North and South Node. These elements show us both where we came from and what we’re here to accomplish.
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